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How to Open a Cannabis Dispensary [ebook]



Whether you’re a current cannabis dispensary owner looking to up your game or a budding entrepreneur with dreams of a green future, this ebook is the perfect place to start your journey.

One of The Biggest Social Shifts

By now you’ve noticed that we’re in the midst of a green wave. Nearly 60 percent of the North American population lives in an area where marijuana is legal to some degree, and we expect that number to grow.

Just look around, with state's continuing to legalize cannabis and television programming like Viceland’s Bong Appetit on the rise no one can argue that cannabis legalization is one of the biggest social shifts our world is experiencing. In addition to the change in stigma, the cannabis dispensary industry in North America has sprung up practically overnight, creating jobs, opportunities and revenue streams.

Staying on the Right Side of The Law

For some, this new green frontier is an opportunity to get in on the action. But let us be the first, and certainly not the last, to warn you that opening a cannabis dispensary is not an easy feat.

In fact, with marijuana’s rocky legal status in many states, it’s even more crucial to recognize and understand the challenges you’ll face. This market is heavily, but unevenly, regulated, and fly- by-night operations are not tolerated. So how do you join the revolution while staying on the right side of the law?

All You Need to Know About a Legal Dispensary is Here

Well, we’re here to help and have written an ebook as a comprehensive primer on the emerging marijuana industry just for you. And it’s free!

To save you time, we’ve researched and collated information from across the spectrum to create a report packed with no-nonsense information on legal issues, social and financial considerations, security concerns, common pitfalls to avoid and loads of essential resources to help you recognize and conquer the challenges you’ll face on the road to success. Let's start your journey!




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